David Wachtel, DACM, LAc

David’s journey into sports medicine and acupuncture stems from a deep-rooted passion for athletics. As a two-time Ironman triathlete and mountain sports enthusiast, he intimately understands the rigors faced by the athletic body and is dedicated to enhancing performance and promoting recovery. In 2008, David embarked on his professional path by serving the Los Angeles triathlon community as a sports massage therapist. Through his effective sessions, he gradually built a reputation as a trusted therapist in the multisport community and beyond. 

David’s innovative acupuncture method blends Traditional Chinese Medicine and Japanese Meridian Therapy with contemporary Sports Medicine Acupuncture assessment and treatment. Each session is meticulously crafted to address the specific needs of the individual, seamlessly integrating new and evolving acupuncture techniques with a range of manual therapy modalities, including myofascial release, cupping, and Guasha, for optimal results.

His focus is on relieving acute and chronic pain, nurturing recovery from injury, trauma, and stress, and aiding athletes and active individuals in recovering faster and performing better. With a track record of collaborating with other medical professionals, David has guided post-operative patients through their recovery journeys, providing targeted acupuncture treatment to alleviate pain and optimize healing. He has also developed a solid following in the corporate world, helping to alleviate discomfort stemming from a range of occupational demands.